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Looking for your Soul Mate? Try your Sole Mate!

Being a bridesmaid certainly has its perks. You walk down the aisle and everyone looks at you and smiles. You score a pair of earrings or a lovely monogrammed gift from the bride. But it’s the single bridesmaids who really clean up at weddings. It’s universally understood that they get first pick of available men. Since you just got your hair and make-up professionally done the odds are stacked in your favor. You’re looking absolutely scrumptious and don’t worry if you don’t like your dress. All the hot single men in the room have already imagined you without it.

Keep in mind that as a bridesmaid you only have approximately four hours to find your soul mate. So you’ve got to move quickly. The best way to get instant man-stats is to check out his shoes. You certainly don’t want to waste valuable wedding hook-up moments talking to a man only to discover after the third dance he’s living with his mother. That is, of course, if you want the next wedding you attend to be your own.

Take a moment and scan every available man in the room from the knee down. Men’s shoes, especially at weddings, instantly separate the men from the boys. Little boys (even big ones) hate dressing up. You’ll see their droopy laces dragging on the dance floor like baby basset hound ears. Or they’ll try to get away with a borderline pair of bowlers. Or gloss over the whole “dress up” thing in some sort of Elvis get-up with over-the-top patent leather long daddies.

If you’re hunting for a husband, you must steer clear of big little boys at weddings. Although they are eager to dance, they’re hornier than hell and can’t wait to get on you on the golf course. And if by some miracle the two of you stumble back to yours, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be left with only the faint whiff of free whisky to remind you he was ever there. That’s a big little boy for you.

Instead go for single men who actually fill out their shoes. They are in fact, dressed up in a way that exudes confidence. Let the Pierre Cardin commercial jingle, “They wear it well,” be your wedding theme song. Although real men might not seem as much fun as the big little boys after three bottle of champagne, they’ll ask for your number and actually call. Which is always a promising beginning to a lifetime of love.

When you see a pair of real man’s shoes, it can feel like a thunderbolt deep inside. Trust that feeling and take a step closer to him until you’re within smiling distance. Then beam away. Watch the magic happen as he grabs two glasses from the champagne fountain and walks towards you. When you’re slow dancing with a man with husband potential don’t feel badly that your fellow bridesmaids are left to flounder with the big little boys slam dancing to Mony Mony. Just for tonight, how you found your sole mate, can be your little secret.

Article by Donna Sozio

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