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Mission Impossible ~ Gift Ideas For the Couple With Everything

We all have people in our lives that seem to have everything. And now you have to get them a wedding gift.  So, how do you go about getting a gift for a couple who don’t need anything?

 A key element in finding a gift for this couple is to take some time and ask yourself a few questions about them.  What do they do together?  What are their hobbies?  Where do they go on vacations?  Do they like art or music?  Are they into sports?  These are all things that will help you find that unique gift, that lets them know you spent time thinking about who there are, and what is important to them!

If you have friends who are sports fans, and have a favorite team, then consider getting them box seats to a game.  Or, just good seats to a game, and arrange for a special message just for them on the JumboTron during the game. If that’s a little bit more than you’re into, how about His and Hers matching jerseys of their favorite team?  Nothing says love like ‘Manning’ on the back of a jersey! Read More of "Mission Impossible ~ Gift Ideas"...

Timeline of Sanity

You’re engaged! It’s the happiest moment of your life! It’s time to celebrate. You and your partner are starting a new life together. After you have had some time to let all the excitement settle you will have to think about a wedding. I am sure you have lots of questions to ask, so we devised a timeline to help you plan your perfect wedding.

Phase 1
The first step is to decide on a date. Give it close to a year. That should give you ample time to plan your wedding.


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Looking for your Soul Mate? Try your Sole Mate!

Being a bridesmaid certainly has its perks. You walk down the aisle and everyone looks at you and smiles. You score a pair of earrings or a lovely monogrammed gift from the bride. But it’s the single bridesmaids who really clean up at weddings. It’s universally understood that they get first pick of available men. Since you just got your hair and make-up professionally done the odds are stacked in your favor. You’re looking absolutely scrumptious and don’t worry if you don’t like your dress. All the hot single men in the room have already imagined you without it.  
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