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10 Recommended Cities for Gay and Lesbian Weddings

1) San Francisco, California – For decades, San Francisco has been thought of as the destination for Gay’s and Lesbians, but only recently has this city become an excellent destination for same sex marriages. Many couples from all over the United States are making the journey to San Francisco for their nuptials. In order to keep up with the demand, hotels are now offering same sex wedding packages, and bakeries are specializing in cakes specifically for same sex couples.

2) Boston, Massachusetts – The first state to recognize gay marriage, has many calling “The Bay State,” “The Gay State.” Historic Boston, Cambridge and surrounding regions bustle with some of the most gay-friendly commerce, highest culture, richest history, freshest seafood, and prettiest coastlines the country has to offer. From the Berkshires to Nantucket, Cape Cod to Cape Ann, you’ll see why many happy couples are tying the knot in New England.

3) Maui, Hawaii – If a tropical wedding is in the cards for you, Maui may be the perfect destination for you. Special wedding coordinators take care of all of the details, including gay and lesbian sensitive photographers, officiates, musicians and more. While gay and lesbian marriages are not legally recognized in the state of Hawaii, you can enjoy a beautiful and tropical commitment ceremony on the beautiful island.

4) Belfast, Ireland – The UK has recently changed the law now recognizing the union of same sex marriages. If you are interested in a destination wedding, the green hills of Ireland may be just the location for you.

5) London, England – Gay and lesbian marriages have been recognized across the pond for years, and there are the resources for any couple to plan and have a wonderful wedding ceremony complete with gender specific cake toppers, gay and gay friendly officiates, photographers and more.

6) Toronto, Canada – This metropolitan city has quickly become a hot spot for gay and lesbian marriages since they were declared legal. Thousands of same sex couples travel to Toronto for a comfortable and enjoyable wedding experience. Meeting with seasoned gay and lesbian wedding planners, you can relax and enjoy your special day without dealing with all of the details.

7) Disney Land and Disney World – Recently the Disney couple has agreed to allow same sex couples take part in the fantasy dream wedding program allowing gay and lesbian couples to have the fairy tale wedding of their dreams at either the California or Florida locations.

8) Amsterdam, Holland – The Dutch have recognized gay and lesbian weddings for years, and Amsterdam is quickly becoming a popular place for couples who want to incorporate a vacation with their union.

9) Mexico City, Mexico – For a romantic destination ceremony among the Mayan ruins, Mexico City is the place. Long recognizing gay unions, you can freely celebrate your commitment.

10) Las Vegas, Nevada – Long known as the wedding capital of America, Las Vegas is also gaining a reputation as the destination for same sex marriages. A chapel that specializes in same sex marriages is quickly becoming the place to go to tie the knot. With a variety of dream ceremony styles to choose from, you can get exactly what you want.

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