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Timeline of Sanity

You’re engaged! It’s the happiest moment of your life! It’s time to celebrate. You and your partner are starting a new life together. After you have had some time to let all the excitement settle you will have to think about a wedding. I am sure you have lots of questions to ask, so we devised a timeline to help you plan your perfect wedding.

Phase 1
The first step is to decide on a date. Give it close to a year. That should give you ample time to plan your wedding. At this time, you should also declare your wedding in your paper. This way you can rub it in all your friends’ faces.

This is also a good time for you to determine the type of wedding you want. Don’t forget to consider whether you want your wedding to be during the day or at night, whether you prefer it to be indoors or outdoors, whether you’d like something large or small, and whether you want the ceremony to be formal or casual. In addition to making all of the right decisions, you will want to start booking reception halls or a tent if that’s what you would like.

Now is the right time to begin your attire investigations too. You should begin researching for: a bridal gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, and the groom’s tuxedo as well as the attire for the groomsmen. This is also a good time to look for a photographer, videographer, and caterer.

Phase 2
About six to nine months before your wedding, you should begin to purchase everything. This is the time to buy the tuxedos and dresses. You should also begin to plan the honeymoon. A good place to start is  The honeymoon is one of the most important and fun times a young couple has, so make sure you think long and hard about the honeymoon.

The grooms’ family should be arranging the rehearsal dinner at this point in time as well. If the groom is without support for the wedding, it is appropriate for the groom to either make the arrangements himself or for the two of you to do it together. This would also be a great time to start thinking about and booking all the transportation needs. If you’re going to need taxis at the airport, vans to carry people from hotels, or a limo to take you to your wedding night destination, now is the time to make those reservations.

Phase 3
You’re half way there! About four to six months before your wedding, you should get all of the legal work out of the way. Go check about a marriage license. The requirements may change depending on where you live.

This is also a good time to finalize and confirm everything you have done prior. At this time, you should select and order your invitations, stationary, and finalize your guest list.

Phase 4
Now with only two months left before your wedding, the bride is getting really stressed out, and the groom is planning his stag. If everything hasn’t been finalized by now (florists, caterers, photographers, etc.), then you should definitely do so. It would be smart to buy your wedding guest book, and this is also a really good time to select your wedding rings. A good place to go for wedding rings is They have a great selection of rings, and they will engrave your wedding vows into it.

Now is also the perfect time to mail out the invitations. It gives people plenty of time to arrange the events in their lives so they can attend.

Phase 5
You are down to only a month now. If you haven’t decided on your menu yet, you should do so now. It’s now crunch time. Within this final months, you should:

  • Buy each other a gift.  Try or for something naughty
  • Make sure all the dresses and tuxedos fit.
  • Pick up the rings.
  • Purchase all the wedding accessories (garter, ring pillow, etc.).
  • Write your placement cards.
  • Legally change your name if you can.
  • Pick up your marriage license.

The Final Moments
Hold on, you’re almost there. With one week left, things start to get really hairy. At this time, you should make sure all the seating arrangements are done, give a finalized guest list to the caterer, and finalize the rehearsal dinner arrangements. This is a good time to reconfirm your honeymoon arrangements; this can help get your mind away from all the wedding stress.

With only one day left and everything confirmed and arranged, you finally get to relax. Go get a massage, a facial, a pedicure, manicure, and a wax. Just relax, and tie up any loose ends. Get ready for the rehearsal dinner, and get some sleep as well.

It’s the big day! Congratulations you’ve made it! Start your day with a relaxing bath and a good breakfast. Get ready for your hair and make up appointments, and allow yourself plenty of time to get dressed. This is the first day of your new lives together. Have a great wedding and a long marriage.
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