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The Wedding Budget: Ways To Save

Your wedding should be a special day, but it shouldn’t put you into debt. There is so much planning to take care of, it can seem impossible to figure out where to start, let alone where or how to save money. There are many unique ways to save money on your wedding, as long as you’re open to different ideas. Saving money on your wedding can be a lot easier than you imagined.

Usually, the first decision made for your wedding day is where it’s going to be. If you want an outdoor wedding, consider a city park or national forests. Permits are usually easy to obtain, and fees are relative inexpensive. Keep in mind that you will need to check into availability, and you may need to adjust you date if the location you want to have your wedding at is already booked. You may be one of the lucky couples who have a beautiful backyard available for your wedding. Having your wedding in the backyard of a family member or friend can make your wedding even more intimate.  This is an ideal setting for couples planning a small wedding. If you are planning a church wedding, try to plan it around Christmas or Easter, when the church will already decorated; saving you time and money!

When choosing flowers for you wedding, consider the time of year, and how that could affect the cost. For instance, February is usually the most expensive time of year to buy flowers due to the demand for Valentine’s Day. Talk to florists and flower vendors to find out what will be in season for your wedding. If you love Zinnias, but you’re wedding is in October, when they aren’t in season, making them more expensive, consider dahlias, which are similar to dahlias and will be in season. If you, or your friends and family, are the creative types, you may want to make your own flower arrangement, instead of paying the florist to make them for you. Supplies for making bridal bouquets and boutonnieres and center pieces can be found at hobby supply stores. Remember, if you’re having your wedding outdoors, flowers won’t be as much of an expense. With a little bit of planning and pruning it will decorate itself for you!

Music can be a fun part of your wedding to play with. How special it would be to have a sister or best friend singing as you walk down the aisle? Just make sure they will be capable of performing without breaking down! That probably isn’t one of the memories you want for your wedding. Another fun idea is a karaoke wedding. Do you have a lot of friends or family members who are musicians? Have an “open mike” wedding. Let them bring their instruments and serenade your wedding. You may want to let them know if there are special songs you would like performed so they can prepare for you!

You may not realize it, but you probably have very talented and creative friends and family members. Why not let them contribute to your special day in lieu of a wedding gift. You may have a friend, or family member, who is a photographer. Ask if they would be interested in being your wedding photographer as a gift. Keep in mind that this person may want to be an actual guest at your wedding as well. To allow for that you can have disposable cameras out for your guests to “play” with. Not only will your guests have a fun time taking pictures, you’ll have fun going through those pictures of your wedding day!

With a little bit of research, creativity and compromise you can have a beautiful, affordable and memorable wedding.

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