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What Is Your Wedding Etiquette IQ?

1) The mother of the groom is choosing her dress for the big day. Should the style of her dress be:

a. Similar in style to that of the dress chosen by the Mother of the Bride. For example: long if the Mother of the Bride chose long, complimentary color etc.

b. The same color as the bridesmaid dresses.

c. Chosen first, so everyone else can match her selection.

2) You have arranged for the gratuity to be included in the final bill for your dinner and drinks at your reception. However, a friend mentioned that you should also have a “tip jar” at the bar for the bartenders and split the profits with the staff at the end of the night. You should:

a. Jump on the idea! Any extra money is appreciated, why not?

b. Forget it. The gratuity for the staff has been included in the overall bill, and you don’t want to take money from friends and family.

c. Suggest putting a jar for donations to a favorite charity instead.

3) It’s time to write thank you cards, do you:

a. Use pre-printed thank you cards that have a generic message on them.

b. Together with your new spouse, write personal messages to each guest thanking them for the gift.

c. Have your bridal party do the cards for you.

4) Your maid of honor just announced that she is pregnant and will be seven months along on the date of your wedding. You:

a. Promptly ask her to step down, you don’t want her belly bulge interfering with your wedding pictures.

b. Congratulate her! How special that she’ll be pregnant on your special day, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with her duties as your MOH.

c. Congratulate her and tell her that as longs as she is still comfortable with her role, you will be thrilled to have her stand up for you.

5) You have a small budget for your wedding, but you still want all of your friends and family to attend the festivities, you:

a. Create an ‘A’ list and a ‘B’ list. As people from the ‘A’ list reply that they can’t make it, send out a second round of invites to people on the ‘B’ list.

b. Invite a small number of family and close friends to the dinner and have an open dance where you can invite a larger number of guests.

c. Take out a bank loan so that you can accommodate everyone.

1) The correct answer is – A. Typically it is the mother of the bride who will choose her dress first. The mother of the groom should select something that complements the first dress.

2) The correct answer is – B although C may be an acceptable option as well. If the gratuity has been worked out ahead of time, this is all that is expected. Check with the hall or facility for their policy about donating proceeds to charity if this is appealing to you.

3) The correct answer is – B. You should never use pre-printed cards. Try to make the cards personal and appropriate to each gift and each guest.

4) The correct answer is – C. Your maid of honor was chosen because she is special to you, to ask her to step down would be selfish and hurtful. But be sure that she will be up to taking on the role during her pregnancy.

5) The correct answer is – B. This is a tough situation for any couple. It isn’t advisable to dig yourself into a large debt situation as you begin your life, and it is tacky to invite people only after others have declined the invite. However if you are inviting guests to the dance only, do not include the information regarding the registry or expect a gift.

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